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The workshop underlined the importance and the necessity of the additional development of value added services within port areas as it could lead to job creation and productivity growth. Furthermore these kind of activities develop alongside the globalization and help prepare port areas for future developments.

After the presentations on value added services, the discussions on the analysis of cargo flow data and the identification of value added services the following questions remained:
What cargo is not flowing through the port but through other corridors?
Which companies ship what from where to where?
Which data is readily available and which can be acquired easily or through IT-based acquisition?
This leads to the conclusion that port statistics would need to be gathered and combined. One way would be the integration in such a tool as the Port-Net Navigator proposed by the ISNM which could use statistical data as a basis for qualitative search patterns.

As additional value added services could only be identified either through direct contact with the involved players or through the identification within specific supply chains, a need was identified to implement a standard for the collection of statistical data within the ports of the Port-Net partners. It is then recommend to develop a common template which could then be filled and published either on a combined website on European ports on individual websites. A possibility would be to implement a software tool which would gather the data, analyze it and even combine it with a qualitative search of cargo flows between companies.
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